A DIY Alarm System with Laser Beams

Published: 18th September 2008
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Burglaries are on the rise everywhere and home breakings are now an every day occurrence. Securing your home with an alarm system is now essential. In a few simple steps, this article with explain how to build a laser alarm system.

The following is a list of necessary equipment

-green or infrared laser module


-6 to 10 small mirrors


-battery powered Siren

The laser alarm system should be installed at a security point such as a doorway or hall.

Step One: Attach the laser module to the bottom of doorway or beginning of hall.

Step Two: Using adhesive attach mirrors to the doorway or hall to create a grid of laser beams.

Step Four: Also using adhesive attach the photocell to the end of the grid of laser beams.

Step Five: Connect the battery powered Siren to the photocell

Step Six: Turn on the laser, carefully line up the mirrors and the photocell.

Step Seven: Once the alarm system has been aligned, test it by breaking the beam the way a burglar would. When the beam breaks, the photocell will activate the siren.

A point to note:

-If you want to make a very visible laser alarm system that will create a visual deterrent for burglars, choose a green laser module. Any intruder into your home will then see security points crisscrossed by an impenetrable grid of laser beams. To catch intruders in the act, use an infrared laser. The beam from an infrared laser is not visible to the naked eye and intruders will not know they have stumbled into your security system until they break a beam and activate the siren.

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